February 14, 2017 POA Semiannual Meeting

The Highland Haven POA held its semiannual meeting on February 14, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Community Center.  Our major item of business was to elect a new board member.  Please welcome Gwen Sternberg.

Gwen and her husband, Dan, moved here full-time last year after they both retired.  Gwen brings a wealth of experience as she has served on two previous homeowners associations.  She served as Treasurer of the HOA in Brenham and as President and Architectural Control Director on the HOA in Hockley.  We are very pleased to have her share her experiences with us.

The annual audit of the POA books was conducted by Donna Gingras and Sally Cooper.  We wish to extend our thanks to them for taking their time to complete this task.  Their letter to the board reads: 

“We performed an audit of the Financial Statements of HHPOA for the year ended December 31, 2016.  We found the financial statements to be free of any material misstatements.  We found the records to be well organized, well documented and extremely accurate.  We commend the board members for maintaining the HHPOA financial records with such professionalism.  While reviewing the extensive documentation on the books and records maintained by the HHPOA board, it is evident that the time committed on a volunteer basis by all board members is substantial.  We applaud and appreciate the time and efforts by the HHPOA board.”  Sally Cooper and Donna Gingras

Various projects were discussed…an alarm for the Community Center septic system and the investigation of adding electricity to our covered RV storage area.

The retaining wall project has been completed at Oriole Park along with the leveling of the drainage ditch to the approach of the ramp.  Many thanks to David and Becca Marsh and to Tim and Kami Small for their gift to the community.

The lowering of the lake allowed for much needed clean-up and repairs in all the parks.  The efforts of Phil and Tina Martz can be seen in all the parks.  We thank them for their 100 plus hours of hard work.  Countless hours of work were also donated by William Fowler.  Thank you William!

The POA would also like to acknowledge the many hours of board member Sherry Hume and her husband Ray Estrada spent not only organizing the volunteer efforts but also with their own back-breaking work of hauling cement, reinforcing supports, etc., etc.  Thank you!

Many other community members contributed time and talents to the clean-up and repair efforts.  They are mentioned on the 2017 Archived Updates section of the website along with various pictures.  Please take a look so see what was done along with those that show problem areas of the pier at Dove Park.

We are in the beginning stages of organizing committees to determine what needs to be done at Dove.  We will have a design crew, another to determine the Request for Proposal process and another for fundraising.  If you have an interest on serving on any of the committees, please contact Lorinda Peters at [email protected] or 515-988-5656 for the contact information of the committee chairs.

Complete meeting minutes will soon be posted.